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2024 Member/Customer Retention Benchmarking Study

Industry Leaders' Best Practices for Member/Customer Renewal

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Executive Summary:

AARP, in partnership with Sequence Consulting, is conducting a follow-up study to their acclaimed 2017 research on member retention strategies in large organizations.

This initiative examines the current retention landscape across diverse industries, uncovering cutting-edge tactics to maximize member/customer loyalty.

Benefits of Participation:

    • Free Comprehensive Report: Receive exclusive access to the final report, outlining best practices and actionable insights, only for participants.
    • Benchmark Your Renewal Performance: Compare your approach against industry leaders and AARP, identifying areas for improvement.
    • Discover Breakthrough Strategies: Explore innovative approaches high-performing organizations use across various sectors.
    • Shape the Future of Retention: Your company’s insights contribute to this groundbreaking study, which will impact industry best practices.

Who We Are Inviting:

    • Industry Leaders in Large National
      • Professional Associations
      • Consumer Subscriptions
      • Streaming Services
      • Insurance Companies
      • Membership Clubs

Participation is Simple:

      1. Quick Online Survey (10 Minutes): Share your valuable insights.
      2. Confidential Interview (30 Minutes): Discuss your retention strategies with an expert.

Limited Spots Available! Secure your place by April 30, 2024.


Get Your Free Report! The final report will be delivered by the end of Q2 .

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