Association & Nonprofit Consulting

Association & Nonprofit Consulting

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We provide association solutions and nonprofit consulting for purpose-driven organizations. For nonprofits and associations looking to make effective and long-lasting change, we provide the tools, resources, and solutions to bring their vision to life.

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The Advantages of Choosing Our Association & Nonprofit Consulting Services

Deep Industry Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in providing association solutions. The depth of our experience ensures that your organization gets the support you need to go to the next level. We have worked with some of the most prominent associations and nonprofits, including Fortune 500 companies. Our experience brings a fresh perspective that helps you tackle the challenges in front of you and evolve into a stronger organization.

Customized Solutions

If you’re looking for the best nonprofit consulting firms to provide customized solutions, we’d love to help. As a team, we work to understand your challenges and vision to design the perfect outcome. Get the help you need to drive your association forward when you partner with us.

Simplified Support

The best solution is often the simplest one. We take that approach in the solutions we provide. Our goal is to deliver exceptional clarity to the challenges you face. That clarity ultimately reveals the ideal path forward. When you reach out to us for association solutions, you can be confident we keep things simple.

Accelerated Growth

If your association or nonprofit is stagnant, it could be time to invest in nonprofit consulting. We work with both nonprofits and associations to find new avenues to accelerate growth. Our support pushes you in the right direction and helps you see the results you’re searching for.

Higher Membership Satisfaction & Retention

Every association wants to increase satisfaction and improve retention rates, but to do this successfully you may need outside support. Our nonprofit consulting services give you a holistic perspective of your current organization and help you take the next best steps to increase memberships.

Are Our Nonprofit Consulting Services Right For You?

Whether you manage an association or need support for your nonprofit, we can help. Not sure if we offer what your organization needs?

Consider the following. Do your challenges include…

Stagnant or declining growth

Difficulty implementing change solutions

Low membership satisfaction rates

Disappointment with previous nonprofit consulting firms

You’re not alone if you answered ‘yes’ to any of those issues. At Sequence Consulting, we provide complete nonprofit and association solutions that drive you towards growth.

What You Can Expect from Our Association Solutions

Whether you operate a nonprofit that needs help defining growth or an association that wants to accelerate membership growth, we can help.

A few ways we provide support for your organization include:

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Data Analysis

Market Intelligence

Competitive intelligence

Benchmarks and Best Practice


Get the deep, customized insights your association or nonprofit needs to grow, by collaborating with our team

Are You Struggling with Growth in Your Association or Non-Profit?

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