The Challenge

Defining a Modern CRM Solution for a Complex Organization

  • Our client is the largest healthcare system in its state, with 15 hospitals and 30,000 employees under its name. In recent years, they have been expanding its influence in an aggressive growth strategy of acquiring suburban and rural hospitals and physicians’ groups. With acquisition comes the need to consolidate and normalize patient records, data, and preferences on one system accessible throughout the organization. Separate from (but integrated with) EHR, this CRM system would need to be flexible enough to meet the needs of many functions within the organization while robust enough to serve such a complex environment.
  • To help them visualize the path forward in the form of a CRM Strategy and Vendor RFP, this healthcare system turned to Sequence Consulting.


The Solution

Intensive Workshops with a Cross-Functional Team of Internal Ambassadors

After an in-depth project discovery phase that included demos of the current CRM, stakeholder interviews, and document review, Sequence laid out a series of six workshops – each with a specific role to play and outcome to achieve for the broader project. Great care was given to the selection of participating team members, ensuring that our team was comprised of influential leaders willing to promote our solution within their department. In our work together, we were able to envision the optimal CRM, align on internal nuances and technological requirements/barriers, and enable the selection of a “best-in-class solution” that was also “best-fit” for their needs.


The Results

CRM Partner Selected within Three Months of Project Completion

  • We delivered a CRM RFP, CRM blueprint (visualizing data flow between departments), and vendor scorecard that had strong organizational buy-in and understanding.
  • The project outputs gave the client a high level of confidence to efficiently and accurately vet, analyze, and select the solution of the future.
  • In three months our client was able to launch and complete a nationwide search and selection process for its next CRM.

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