The Challenge

Making a New Market in a Rapidly Aging Economy

Brazil has one of the fastest aging populations in the world. By 2050, nearly half of all Brazilians — approximately 98 million people¬† — will be over 50 years old. This presents enormous challenges for the economy, but tremendous opportunities, as well. The 50+ audience in Brazil commands huge purchasing power, with annual spending of $500 billion. ¬†Until now, corporations had been very late to the game serving the unique needs of this growing population.

The Solution

Our client is a highly respected, life insurance and pension provider. They began exploring the possibility of creating a for-profit marketplace to serve the enormous unmet needs of the 50+ audience in Brazil.

Building on our experience with AARP and other 50+ organizations around the world, Sequence helped them evaluate the opportunity and craft a strategy to launch the first-ever 50+ membership platform in South America. Patterned after successful models in the US and UK, the strategy was uniquely Brazilian, carefully tailored to their marketplace and the specific needs of their consumers as they age. Through thorough market research, discussions with business and public leaders, and deep business analysis, the strategy set forth a powerful value proposition for 50+ consumers and commercial business partners, building on their position in the market.

The Results

The new marketplace launched in 2018 and has exceeded expectations, enrolling dozens of partners and institutions through out-of-the-box thinking that allowed them to grow quickly and pursue exciting adjacent opportunities in specialized sub-markets serving the 50+ audience

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