The Challengedigital-strategy

Our client is one of the largest manufacturers of farm and construction equipment in the world. With several distinct brands operating in every market around the globe, our client faced challenges building a digital strategy that would create a globally relevant brand while leveraging digital experiences to create new channels and opportunities in a slow-moving and old-school industry.

The Solution

Sequence developed a global digital strategy driven by deep research into user needs and that incorporated the business objectives of each brand and region. This strategy, closely linked to the enterprise business strategy, delivered new channels and platforms that led the industry in key areas including parts and service, used equipment, finance, and dealer interactions.

The Result

  • Innovative new platforms for delivering parts and service and finance
  • The development of an industry-leading marketplace for trading used equipment (a critical dealer concern)
  • A hub-and-spoke governance structure that balanced enterprise standards with local control
  • Significant new revenue and savings through re-thinking digital portals for finance, suppliers, and used equipment sales
  • A lean but centralized infrastructure that leveraged new brand and business thinking consistently around the globe