The Challenge

For more than 100 years, our client has been a premier professional society within the transportation industry. Their influence is far and wide, as they literally set the engineering standards for the sectors they serve, provide accredited professional development services, and sponsor globally-renowned educational competitions. Recently, the society faced challenges with their renewal rates, and their annual satisfaction survey revealed many areas for improvement. Despite their best efforts at bucking this trend, their metrics indicated a continued slip in performance.

member-experienceThe Solution

Sequence approached the client with a customer journey mapping methodology that examined the society experience from a new member’s perspective. Through careful documentation, Sequence created a current state map, conducted a gap analysis, and built an ideal state map based on insights, observations, and best practices. These efforts culminated with the formation of a strategic roadmap that provided the direction and tools necessary for the society to achieve its goals. Sequence also helped the society define an aspirational, yet achievable, vision for the new member experience at each touch point, fundamentally improving the way it operates.

The Result

  • Developed the first phase of a coordinated “Welcome” period designed to orient new members to the society benefits most relevant to them
  • Created an innovative join process for new members, reducing abandonment
  • Identified a balance between data collection and member satisfaction
  • Implemented a strategy for targeted and relevant member messaging
  • Improved brand consistency throughout member touch points