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Generating Membership Growth in an Ever-Evolving World

Are you among thousands of nonprofits who report losing up to 1 in 5 of their members over the past 12 months? If so, your membership growth strategy could be to blame.

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But where do you start if you identify a loss of membership?

The first step is to determine why they leave

One way to get this information is simply to use exit surveys to ask members to explain why they opted not to renew. Implementing an exit survey will reveal where your growth strategy might be struggling. For many organizations, the most common reasons for leaving include:

Not enough value for their membership

Disinterest in the membership

Limited time to participate in the program

Budget cuts and cost reduction

Half the battle of developing any growth strategy is understanding this first step. Are you taking advantage of this critical information? As growth strategy consultants, we help you do precisely that.

Why Your Growth Strategy Matters More Now Than Ever

Any membership-based organization, whether it’s nonprofits, associations , or clubs, faces significant challenges with membership recruitment. Now, more than any other time, the pressure on organizations to acquire and retain members is immense. Competition is high, and members have countless options for where they spend their time and money. If your membership growth techniques aren’t in alignment with what your members truly want, they will go elsewhere.

Not only do you want to ward off a dreaded decrease in members, but you may also want to build and recruit new members. That process requires a forward -thinking approach to your organization.

How Successful Nonprofits Improve Membership Recruitment

There is a method to the madness of membership recruitment — even when it may not feel like it. The following are a few strategies that successful nonprofits and organizations use to consistently evolve their membership.

Using Data to Build Member Personas

Strategic membership acquisition requires understanding what is important to the members you serve. The only way you can gather that information is by gathering data directly from your members. Here area few ways to do that:

Determining who your members are starts by asking questions. Breaking down your members by
demographics, interests, geographies, and other dimensions help you target donors and personalize your messaging — all of which are critical to membership growth.

Any growth strategy requires you to truly understand your organization’s mission and purpose. One way to do this is simply by inquiring why members are inspired by what your organization does.

The experience that your members have is just as crucial to what you hope to achieve as an organization. Once you answer this question, you can better identify which member services and benefits are worth investing more resources into. This directly relates to your member retention. These simple steps empower your organization with hard data that you can use to increase membership recruitment.

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