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Association Membership Model

Member acquisition results four or more times better than before

  • Value-based segmentation and targeting 
  • Membership brand revitalization 
  • Email marketing strategy 
  • Social media strategy 
  • Cost-per-acquisition improvement 

Membership Marketing | Membership Marketing

Onboarding and engagement that directly improve renewal rates

  • Welcome experience 
  • 90-day engagement program 
  • At-risk member identification 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Renewal stream optimization 
  • Multi-channel renewal campaigns 

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Win back strategies that can re-capture as much as 7% of your lapsed members

  • Lapsed member analytics and segmentation 
  • Targeted messaging and offers  
  • Marketing automation 
  • Win back drip campaigns 
  • Multi-channel win-back strategies

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Value-based segmentation that has tripled clients’ growth rates

  • Advanced data analysis and modeling 
  • Third-party consumer data to enrich your data 
  • Actionable clustering of member interests 
  • Individual member segment assignments 
  • Look-alike modeling for non-members 

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Membership marketing that can improve new member acquisition by up to 40%

  • Segment-specific messaging that can improve response rates by 50% 
  • Strategy defined by member interests identified in research 
  • Hard-hitting proof points that highlight the most important value drivers 
  • Cross-channel messaging for email, social, digital, and print 
  • Message testing and optimization strategy 


Membership Growth Marketing Services

Association Membership Models

New Member Acquisition

We have evolved and proven innovative approaches to new member acquisition marketing using the latest digital and data tools and capabilities. people at the right time to drive enrollment.

New Member Acquisition

We use your data to help identify and target highly responsive prospective members and segment them by interest areas you can message to, dramatically improving response.  

Our membership marketing strategies outperform traditional acquisition strategies many times over, sometimes as much as 25x better than our clients did before. 

Association Membership Model

Member Engagement and Retention

The best way to retain members is to engage them right away. Members that experience value in the first ninety days are likely to renew. After ninety days, they are not.

Member Engagement and Retention

For this reason, we focus many retention efforts on onboarding and early engagement with proven strategies to immediately expose new members to your highest-value benefits and get them engaged. 

We have helped clients grow their member base by as much as 50% through optimized onboarding and engagement.  

Membership Dues Model

Lapsed Member Winback

Your lapsed members are not a lost cause. With the right campaigns, you can reach and reactivate lapsed members even more efficiently and cost-effectively than you recruit new ones.

Lapsed Member Winback

Segmenting non-renewing members using their member data and demonstrated interests, coupled with best-practice marketing, is a potent tactic in attracting them back into the fold. 

We can deliver proven, successful campaign design with optimal timing, cadence, messaging, and offers to get the best results from your win-back efforts.  

We have helped clients recapture 7% of their lapsed members in one year, even members who have lapsed for up to five years. 

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Value-Based Segmentation

Our analytics-based approach to segmentation lets you deliver your members the value they want by grouping them by fundamental interests and motivators.

Value-Based Segmentation

We can combine engagement and digital behavior data with third-party consumer data to create rich models of what your members care about most.  

These models allow you to communicate only the things that matter, which lets you show your best side to each segment, ensuring welcome communications and continuous value. 

Our value-based segmentation has helped clients triple their member growth rate in one year.  


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Proof Points Messaging℠

Our research shows that the number one reason people don’t join or renew is that they do not know what you do. The best way to get your message across is to distill your work that matters most to members into concrete “proof points” that demonstrate your impact.

Proof Points Messaging℠

If your association fought back against bad insurance legislation, that’s a proof point. If your work is helping turn the tide on the opioid epidemic, that’s a proof point. 

Our process helps you capture and distill your most impactful proof points into powerful membership messaging that resonates with potential members and moves them to enroll.  

In conjunction with our interest-based segmentation strategies, our proof points messaging has increased new member acquisition by 40% month-over-month. 

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Social and Digital Strategy

Many associations invest in social media and digital marketing with disappointing results. Social and digital alone seldom drive tangible membership results. We can make social and digital work for you. 

Social and Digital Strategy

We employ highly effective tactics most associations have never thought about, with membership marketing results most associations never thought they could achieve. Our most successful strategies combine our unique digital strategy with our analytics, segmentation, and messaging strategies to create truly transformational marketing that multiplies membership growth.  

We employ highly effective tactics most associations have never thought about, with membership results, most associations never thought they could expect. Our most successful strategies combine our unique digital strategy with our analytics, segmentation, and messaging strategies to create truly transformational marketing that multiplies membership growth.


How Our Membership Marketing Drove 50% Growth

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