Sequence helps associations and not-for-profits grow membership, engagement, and revenue. Associations today struggle with the challenges of adapting to an increasingly digital marketplace, the erosion of print-based businesses, shifting demographics that undermine the traditional model of membership, and the urgent need to find new sources of revenue.

Sequence charts bold new digital, data, and member value strategies that transform relevance, impact, and revenue opportunities.

For more than twelve years, Sequence has lent their insight and expertise to AARP, The American Chemical Society, The American Institute of Architects, and other associations and not-for-profits to help them choose the right strategies to get the most value from their marketing and outreach programs.

Unlike many consultants, Sequence understands that associations and not-for-profits are different and crafts solutions that fit each client’s unique culture and mission. Their solutions make a difference sooner and the results last longer because they close the gap between strategy and people.