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Nonprofits notoriously have limited budgets, time, and resources available to devote to their marketing. As a nonprofit marketing agency, we provide reliable marketing services that get you the results you want while telling your story.

Every dollar you invest should be working for you. As the preferred marketing team for Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the world’s most recognizable nonprofits, we make sure your investment produces a real return. Collaboration with us gets your organization access to the absolute best marketing strategies and solutions. Whether you need help with recruitment or funding, we provide marketing insights to help you execute your goal.


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Transform Your Brand

Do you want to transform your organization’s brand? Are you looking for help with membership marketing, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you want to make your brand story compelling?

Redesigning the member journey is a big part of accomplishing any of these goals. Developing a journey that delivers value and creates a rewarding experience every step of the way entices your audience to take action.

Whether working to restructure the dues for residents and young physicians to secure greater early career membership, or re-engineering discounts and insurance programs to increase membership, we know how to transform brands.

Fortunately, we have extensive experience in all of these areas. As marketing consultants, we have worked within multiple industries, helping our clients to strategically rethink the path forward.

Make your members the hero of the story and entice them to take quick action to re-up their membership or expand their investment in your organization, with our transformative services.​

Quite literally, we build offers that members cannot refuse.

Traditional Membership Marketing Models...

What once worked for nonprofits, no longer satiates members. More is required.

For example, membership organizations typically offer third party products for their members. In most cases, this sort of marketing extends a discount and uses the association brand to bring more awareness to the company.

Affinity programs, also, have played important roles for organizations that provide them, particularly by incentivizing new membership and renewals. They also provide ongoing non-dues revenue sources.

Unfortunately, these resources are no longer viable. They are considered outdated models that are no longer profitable. When market forces hit, nonprofits can no longer rely on these traditional revenue resources.

The New Model for Nonprofit Revenue & Membership Growth

If your organization is ready to change, then there is a way to mold the affinity model to fit your goals and vision. First, you must re-evaluate your product portfolios and eliminate products with lower member value and engagement. Your new strategies must focus on products that are high value and produce greater revenue outcomes.

At Sequence Consulting, we help you take a closer look at your revenue models and develop products that can produce long - term, high - value revenue streams. If that sounds good to you, we want to hear from you!

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