Strategic Planning

We can provide your association or nonprofit organization a strategic business plan that has buy-in and drives tangible results. We help clients employ paradigm-changing business and membership models that reposition you for sustainable success in your industry. Our approach includes organizational planning, data strategy, and digital transformation. With our extensive experience in effectively marketing nonprofit organizations, we serve as mentors for new and established businesses alike.




Non Profit Growth Strategies

We help our clients pursue new opportunities to grow membership and revenue. Your company can create new markets, businesses, and offerings with our nonprofit growth strategies. We will help your nonprofit organization deduce what exactly your members want so you can tailor your strategic planning to maximize member value and growth. Association’s members today are option-fatigued. Designing new content will not appeal to them or entice them to join or renew. Existing, trusted content presented through the channels most preferred by your members will. We will help your company use data and digital transformation to create new opportunities for growth based on your existing mission in a way that makes sense for you. In doing so, you will give yourself the best chance to capture the attention of potential and existing members. Our nonprofit growth strategies also include turning outward as a strategic business plan.

Ask people to describe the impact your nonprofit organization could have on the future. If they all mention process, organization, or cultural changes, you might be inwardly focused. It almost all of the data people bring to meetings is focused on your own performance, your company might be inwardly focused. In our experience helping associations and nonprofit organization rethink their strategic planning, we have found that once an organization turns inwardly, it often clings to that for dear life. It is impossible to grow when you don’t know what your perceived progress looks like relative to your competitors. We have helped clients undergo exhaustive processes of turning outward that resulted in previously unimaginable growth. They had in-depth conversations with members and non-members alike, admired organizations outside their own space, and similar, more successful organization in their industry. They seized the opportunity to reflect on who they needed to be and where they needed to focus and found clarity in doing so. Being intentional about turning outward can be the most strategic move your nonprofit organization or association can make. We can help you do it.

We are personally committed to our clients’ success and are deeply passionate about earning and preserving our clients’ trust. If you are a transformational leader, creative thinker, or problem solver invested in driving sustainable change for the future of your organization, we are a great fit for you. With our individualized approach, we will help you achieve your desired future state. We firmly believe in growth through innovation. We will help you turn data into value, giving you a step-by-step roadmap for membership and revenue growth. Through shifting your data, digital, and growth strategies, we can show you the best way to play where you have the right to win.

Non Profit Product Development

One of the keys to organizational planning in a nonprofit setting is creating non-dues revenue. Our experience has shown us that through innovative marketing, nonprofit organizations can use products and partnerships to build revenue beyond dues. In today’s dynamic financial and social climate, it is more important than ever to tie your expected revenue sources back to your value proposition. In your nonprofit, product development is critical to maintaining member value exchange in a rapidly changing market. Now more than ever, members want to know what your organization can offer them. We have found that the best way to employ product development to maximize growth is by creating opportunities for your members to engage with you and with one another.

To many members, experiences are a product more valuable than any tangible product could ever be. By crafting unique and meaningful experiences for your members, whether online or face-to-face, your organization can conclusively draw them in. We can help your nonprofit organization create a development approach flexible enough to handle both extremes and everything in-between. When members partake in meaningful experiences with you, they share it on social media. This channel serves as a valuable method that you can utilize to spread your organization’s message and proof of value from one existing or potential member to another. Our nonprofit product development strategy will help your organization determine the unmet needs of your market, and how you can use innovation to meet them. The need to bring benefits to market quickly is real.

We can help you prioritize your pipeline projections to launch new products, services, and experiences that win.


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