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Strategic planning consultants ready to help you grow in innovative ways.

We have focused on association solutions and nonprofit consulting for twenty years. Our strategic planning and marketing services have helped some of the most successful nonprofit organizations innovate and grow.

We have helped the most successful Nonprofit and Fortune 500 organizations innovate, grow, and seize new opportunities.

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Our association solutions

We believe our work should never, ever sit on a shelf. It should add value right away and show tangible results for your business.


Important things you need to know about your members, your market, and your competition.
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Data Analysis
Market Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Benchmarks and Best Practices


Expert guidance on the best path forward for you.
Strategic Planning
Business Transformation
Data Strategy
Digital Transformation
Growth Strategy
Corporate Structure
Non-Dues Revenue
Product Development


Modern, data-driven, marketing and CRM that gets real world results
Marketing Strategy Content Strategy Communications
Strategy Member Engagement
Experience Strategy
Go-to-Market Strategy
Loyalty Marketing
Member Retention
Member Acquisition
Social Media Strategy

Our experience

We have focused on associations and nonprofits for twenty years.

Our expertise in acquisition and loyalty has also led us to serve select Fortune 500 companies, including: Google, IBM, Citibank, State Farm, and Freddie Mac.

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Nonprofit consulting
Strategic planning consultants
Nonprofit consulting
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Strategic planning consultants logo
Nonprofit consulting
Nonprofit consulting
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Nonprofit consulting
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What makes our nonprofit consulting services different

Five Things That Make Us Stand Out

We have worked with the most prominent associations and nonprofits for twenty years. We have also consulted to many Fortune 500 companies. We bring all that experience and perspective to help improve your business.

You collaborate with our principals, invested in our relationship with you. We do not have canned solutions we want to sell you. We want to understand you and design solutions specifically for you.

The very best solutions are elegant and look obvious at the end. Our goal is to deliver that level of clarity every time.

You want to make things happen. So do we. Our approach is flexible, nimble, and gets you there fast.

Our work should never, ever sit on a shelf. It should add value right away and show tangible results for your business

Our Mission

To help associations and nonprofits be their best and make our world a better place.

Our Vision

A world where all associations and nonprofits have fanatical followings and new ideas that change the world.

What Results Can
We Achieve for You?

Accelerated Growth

More Market Share

Higher Member Satisfaction and Retention

Increased Revenue

Stronger Competitive Advantage

Do Any of These Describe You?
(We Can Help)

Stagnant or declining growth

Struggling to make the right changes and move forward

Disappointing marketing and/or digital results

Weak member satisfaction and retention

Need new and stronger sources of growth

Disappointed in previous consulting that did not deliver results

Are We a Good Fit for You?

We are a great fit for you if:

You are a transformational leader, invested in driving lasting change for the future.

You are a creative thinker, who wants new solutions and is willing to innovate.

You are a good partner, serious about collaborating with expert advisors.

You are a problem solver, who wants to make a real impact.

You are new to the association space and want to drive real change.

We are not a good fit for you if:

You are looking for a turnkey, off-the-shelf approach.

You are looking for someone to execute a plan you already have.

You are not ready to make real changes, even with expert guidance.

You want to lead the project for us and not with us.

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Lisa (Tiede) Vaughan

My passion is helping leaders in associations, membership organizations, and nonprofits drive innovation and growth. For over 20 years I have worked with these complex organizations to develop new ideas, drive change, and successfully implement it.

Before launching Sequence, I led global organizational change and compensation design for the firm. We had more than 10,000 employees in thirty countries around the world. I worked with our CEO and Board to help us grow from regional start-up to a global digital player. A lot of our growth came through strategic acquisitions. I worked on more than thirty acquisitions of other agencies and consulting firms.

Chief Strategist

Chris Vaughan, PhD

Lisa and I launched Sequence 2001, after more than a decade with one of the fastest-growing consulting firms in the world. My work focuses on helping associations and nonprofits grow in new ways. With Sequence, I have helped the most successful organizations innovate, grow, and seize new opportunities.

I began my career as a digital strategist. I helped clients make the most of digital and data technologies. I guided clients through transforming their business and innovating how they did marketing. I built a great practice of strategy, technology, and marketing consultants. We worked with Fortune 1000 and emerging companies all over the world. I took a leading role in the international growth strategy of the firm. There, I led ground-breaking strategic acquisitions and alliances. I also developed new products and services to grow our global business.

Strategic planning consultants
Nonprofit consulting
Nonprofit consulting

What Can We Deliver for You?



Great marketing

Growth through

Happy, Loyal

Looking for Growth and Innovation?

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