Our Founders

Decades of Big Strategy experience. Exclusively for associations. We left our careers as senior partners in a Big Strategy firm to bring top-tier consulting to membership organizations. We launched Sequence in 2001, dedicated to helping membership organizations achieve their missions.

We envision a world where every association thrives, empowering their members to create positive change.

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Chris brings a wealth of expertise from his former career as a high-level strategy, technology, and marketing consultant to Global 1000 companies. He has a proven track record of success, having helped industry leaders like Microsoft, Novell, and American Airlines achieve significant breakthroughs.

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Lisa is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of driving growth for organizations. She has extensive experience partnering with CEOs and Boards on developing winning growth strategies, navigating complex organizational change, and executing strategic M&A transactions. View Linkedin Profile


Our Team

Empowering associations to change the world. Our team of nonprofit consultants is passionate about helping associations achieve their missions. They bring a deep commitment to every client relationship, ensuring flawless quality work and a positive, seamless experience that leads to transformational change and exponential growth.

Teamwork Makes Dreams Work

Abbey Bean


Abbey, a leader at Sequence, is passionate about empowering associations to achieve their missions. With a proven track record of managing client relationships, driving project development, and ensuring flawless delivery, she guides projects from conception to successful completion. Abbey excels at keeping stakeholders informed and on track, ensuring projects stay on schedule and exceed expectations. Abbey fosters a collaborative environment, motivating the Sequence team to deliver exceptional results for clients. She thrives on connecting with passionate non-profit and association leaders, and finds deep satisfaction in contributing to the positive impact they have on their constituents. Abbey brings a wealth of experience to Sequence, having previously worked in sports marketing and licensing. She holds degrees from Arizona State and Bowling Green State University. Currently, Abbey resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our Team &Amp; Partners | Nonprofit Consultants Connect with Abbey on Linkedin

Our Amazing Team Of Nonprofit Consultants

Emma Snyder


Emma leverages her analytical mind, research prowess, and strong communication skills to drive growth for leading organizations like IEEE Power & Energy Society, Urban Land Institute, Yoga Alliance, and Utilities Technology Council. She crafts impactful research that informs strategic decision-making, expertly manages projects for optimal results, and fosters client relationships that ensure project success. Deeply inspired by her clients' missions, Emma finds immense satisfaction in developing growth strategies that create positive change within their organizations. She thrives on the challenge of understanding each client's unique goals and challenges. Through a collaborative approach, she works alongside them to craft innovative strategies that not only drive measurable business results but also align with their core values and social impact objectives. Prior to Sequence, Emma honed her skills in higher education development and donor relations. She holds a degree from Loyola University, Maryland, and currently resides in Connecticut.
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Our Team Collaborators

Nandini Jain


Nandini leverages her diverse background and unwavering commitment to excellence to deliver exceptional service to clients like the American Dental Association, Institute of Food Technologists, IEEE Power & Energy Society, and the Hospital Industry Data Institute. A personable and innovative problem-solver with a keen eye for detail, Nandini fosters strong client relationships built on active listening and a genuine curiosity for understanding complex challenges. She thrives on developing creative solutions that propel her clients' social missions forward. Deeply passionate about supporting organizations with integrity and accountability, Nandini finds immense fulfillment in helping them make a positive, lasting impact on their communities. Prior to Sequence, Nandini's experience spanned research, political organizing, and fundraising. She holds a degree from Washington University in St. Louis and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. Our Team &Amp; Partners | Nonprofit Consultants Connect with Nandini on Linkedin


Investing In Your Success: The Sequence Way

Are you ready to transform your association? Discover The Sequence Way, a unique consulting experience built for success. 

Sequence Way emphasizes a collaborative and results-oriented approach to consulting. Beyond simply offering services, we focus on building partnerships with clients to craft custom solutions. Our commitment to client success extends beyond initial projects, aiming to be a long-term partner invested in the client’s ongoing growth and achieving breakthrough results.

Every organization thrives on its unique culture. We understand a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t deliver real impact. That’s why we take the time to immerse ourselves in your culture, becoming a seamless extension of your team.

This deep understanding allows us to craft practical solutions that resonate with your people and seamlessly integrate into your workflow. We don’t just recommend strategies; we collaborate to ensure they’re implementable and drive measurable results.

Your success measures our success. We work alongside you to define key metrics and track progress, ensuring our recommendations translate into tangible improvements.

Your success is our success. We go beyond traditional consulting to become your trusted thought partner. We invest time in understanding your unique challenges and goals. We create a collaborative space where you can brainstorm freely and explore innovative solutions.

Our commitment to building strong relationships fosters long-term partnerships, some lasting over two decades. We’re here to support you throughout your career journey and help you achieve your goals at every step.

Your success isn’t just a goal; it’s an investment we make in every partnership. We go beyond traditional consulting to become an extension of your team. We dedicate time and resources to truly understand your challenges and goals. We’ll create a collaborative environment where innovation thrives, and exceptional results are achieved.

This deep investment fosters long-lasting relationships, some exceeding two decades. We’re with you for the long haul, supporting you throughout your career journey and helping you achieve your ever-evolving goals.

Don’t settle for just “good enough.” Our nonprofit consulting goes beyond traditional expectations. We bring clear thinking and confident direction, cutting through complexity to deliver practical solutions you can easily understand and implement. We take the time to truly understand your unique goals and challenges, fostering a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. This deep dive allows us to craft strategies that meet your needs and exceed them, propelling you toward breakthrough results.

Are you tired of collecting reports that gather dust instead of driving change? We deliver more than presentations—we equip you with actionable strategies designed to spark lasting transformation.

We go beyond theory. We deliver action-oriented recommendations that are clear, concise, and easy to implement with your current resources.

We equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to sustain momentum after our initial engagement. Clients tell us they use our work as a springboard for continuous improvement, achieving outstanding results long after we depart.

Sequence Partners

Our Partners

Expand your team with specialized expertise. We partner with trusted industry veterans and nonprofit consultants to bring deep knowledge and association experience straight to your door.  Our long-standing partnerships and successful track record ensure you get the best possible resources and a smooth, efficient consulting journey.

Meet Our Amazing Team Of Partners

Theresa Schreiber

TSQ Research

Theresa is our long-time qualitative research partner, working with us on clients including the American Dental Association, IEEE, Urban Land Institute, and Institute of Food Technologists. Theresa has 25+ years of qualitative market research experience. She is an expert at designing, conducting, analyzing, reporting, and presenting qualitative research findings.

In addition to her association experience, Theresa has consumer, medical, and B2B experience across many categories, including consumer goods and services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical/medical devices, financial, and government services.

Theresa holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from Marquette University and is active in the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA). Theresa lives in Chicago.

Our Team &Amp; Partners | Nonprofit Consultants

True Impact Partners

True Impact Partners, our agency partner, delivers a complete suite of high-quality marketing services, including email, social, web design, content development, and media.

True Impact is a different kind of agency – a cultivated, expansive network of industry experts. Founded by a former executive at global agencies Omnicom, Havas, and Edelman, True Impact Partners combines big agency experience, small agency efficiency, and an expandable network of specialized experts designed to maximize impact for clients.

True Impact is based in Chicago.

Mj Betzold

MJ Betzold, CUA

Netsavvy, LLC

MJ is a technology wizard with special expertise in usability and design. A Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) and Associate Human Factors Professional (AEP) by Human Factors International, she has experience at the highest level in UX Research; Usability assessment, engineering, and design; and User interface & user experience design.

MJ partners with our team to provide professional assessment and recommendations to improve our clients digital experience and optimize their member join, renewal, and product purchase experiences.

Her clients include some of the most famous consumer brands in the world, including Best Buy, Target, Ford, United Health Group, and 3M.

MJ lives in Chicago.