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We have specialized in membership and platform strategies since 2002. We were Senior Partners in one of the largest and fastest-growing strategy firms in the world. We launched Sequence to help membership organizations succeed in the vital work they do to serve their constituents and make the world a better place.

We are masters of the marketing platform model. The membership/marketplace model is complex and hard to master in the world today. Even some of the oldest membership organizations struggle to sustain healthy growth. We have built our business around helping organizations build thriving member ecosystems and revenue streams.

We have a blue chip client list. Our clients include many of the largest and most well-known membership and marketing organizations in the world. Many of them we have served for many years. No other firm can claim our depth of focus and experience in this space.

Our depth and breadth of understanding of the membership model and 50+ market is unparalleled.

The Executive Team

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Lisa (Tiede) Vaughan


Lisa is the CEO and co-founder of Sequence Consulting, helping leading associations thrive in a changing world. For more than 15 years, Lisa helps some of the country’s most respected associations grow their membership, increase engagement, and generate new revenue streams. She has earned a reputation for delivering clear, actionable solutions to complex strategic challenges. Lisa is a master of navigation, with a sharp understanding of how associations operate. She has tackled critical growth challenges for membership organizations like SAE International, AARP, the American Psychological Association (APA), and the American Medical Association (AMA). Lisa’s knack for seeing the big picture allows her to identify opportunities that clients often can’t see for themselves and she continually pushes her clients to rethink the way associations do business.

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Dr. Chris Vaughan

Chief Strategist

A co-founder of Sequence, Chris brings 26 years in global strategy and business consulting, serving top tier clients including AARP, Allstate, State Farm, Citibank, and Google. He is a leading expert in marketing platforms and membership organizations, with particular expertise in the 50+ market.
His consulting partnership with AARP and their service providers spans 17 years, helping them grow to more than 38 million members and $1.6 billion in annual revenue, through business planning, product development, product marketing, business development, data strategy, membership marketing, and quality control. He helped AARP conceive, plan, and launch a for-profit marketing services agency focused on the 50+ in 2013, which has since grown to more than $47 million in annual revenue, and consulted on strategy and market planning for health, pharmacy, insurance, and discount product portfolios. His team developed and drove a $30+ million co-operative multi-channel marketing and lead-generation platform for AARP’s health, insurance, and discount providers.
Internationally, he helped Aegon conceive and launch the first-of-its-kind 50+ marketing platform in Brazil, the Mongeral Aegon Institute of Longevity, with very strong market results. He has consulted with IBM Japan, on innovative 50+ marketplace strategies for Japan and collaborated with AARP to deliver a strategy for an innovative 50+ marketplace in Taiwan with Shin Kong Life.
Previously, Chris was a Managing Partner in the global strategy consulting firm marchFIRST, helping companies build visionary brands, business models, systems and processes. Chris served major national accounts, including Microsoft, Novell, American Airlines, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and led transformational initiatives, including new ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and groundbreaking global alliances.

Thought Leadership

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