Member Research and Data Analysis



Member Research for Association Growth

Association Membership Model

Unexpected insights into members and nonmembers that will directly impact your results

  • Focus groups and In-Depth Interviews
  • Professional recruiting worldwide
  • Custom survey research
  • Brand and member/nonmember needs analysis
  • Global panels of respondents across all industries
  • Expert researchers with the highest level of consumer and brand research expertise

Member Research And Data Analysis | Member Research

Data-driven answers about member value, retention, segmentation and more

  • Member value models
  • Loyalty/retention models
  • Targeting models
  • Interest-based segmentation
  • Leading-edge consumer data
  • Advanced analytics and data science expertise

Research And Data Insights 9

Accurate analysis of your market size and market share

  • Market sizing
  • Market share
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive comparisons
  • Global modeling
  • Trends and projections

Research And Data Insights 4

Insight into how your competitors succeed and what’s possible for you

  • Competitor analysis
  • Cross-industry/for-profit comparisons
  • Dues and membership models
  • Trends and predictions
  • Insights and opportunities

Research And Data Insights 3

Objective benchmarks and best practices to learn from

  • Marketing Benchmarks
  • Member Experience Best Practices
  • Growth & Retention Benchmarks
  • Engagement &  Loyalty Best Practices
  • Financial Benchmarks



Association Membership Models

Qualitative Research

What do members and nonmembers really think? We have refined our qualitative research techniques specifically for associations to get beyond the surface and down to the perceptions, attitudes, and needs that make the difference in your growth.

Qualitative Research

Led by expert researchers with decades of experience with leading consumer research firms and leading brands and associations, we can help you identify and recruit the exact right participants, members, and nonmembers anywhere in the world.

Our approach will tell you things you did not know that you can put into action now to change your business.

Association Membership Model

Quantitative Research

Grounded in decades of brand and consumer research and fine-tuned for associations, our research techniques will give you an x-ray view of who your members and nonmembers are, what matters to them, and how you stack up against others.

Quantitative Research

Our experts design the custom research you need to answer your most important questions with the precise audiences you want to learn from in any country in the world.

You will get “ah-ha” insights and direction to make game-changing decisions about your members, your competitors, and your market.

We can answer those questions in ways that make a difference.

Membership Dues Model

Advanced Data Analytics

We do data analysis that answers your most difficult questions, using analytics derived from twenty years of experience designing data solutions for the most sophisticated associations in the world.

Advanced Data Analytics

Our data partners are leading analytics firms with access to a wealth of tools and models that have been unavailable to most associations.

Our models can show you with perfect clarity which benefits are most valuable, what really drives renewal, who your most loyal members are and why, and much more. 

Powerful insights that can transform growth are within reach of any association.

Research And Data Insights 4

Market Sizing and Analysis

How big is your audience and what share do you have? Market share is one of the most important benchmarks of association health. Understanding who makes up your market today and where your prospects are is a key component of growth strategy.

Market Sizing and Analysis

Our world-class research partners and proprietary data resources allow us to tackle even the most daunting market sizing questions. For example, sizing the number of professionals in cross-functional spaces like engineering and real estate. Or modeling market size in many regions of the world.

Quantifying your market in this way is one of the most clarifying yet challenging things you can do. We can help.

Research And Data Insights 7

Competitive Intelligence

Some of our most powerful insights come from research into other organizations. Disciplined exploration into how other organizations succeed and what’s new possibilities there are can help reframe impossible issues into problems that can be solved.

Competitive Intelligence

We identify the most critical factors to explore and then research them across competitors, other comparable organizations, and for-profit organizations that offer important insights.

The results give you new ideas, benchmarks to evaluate, and confidence that new ideas that have worked elsewhere will work for you, too.

Research And Data Insights 2

Benchmarks and Best Practices

We can evaluate what you do today against benchmarks and best practices from the most successful associations. Our 20+ years of experience give us detailed insight into how the best-of-the-best do things and the results you can achieve.

Benchmarks and Best Practices

Answers to questions including: is my renewal rate good or bad and what would make it better? How many students should I expect to keep after graduation and how can change that? And many more.

Benchmarking is often an excellent way to begin to diagnose issues and identify opportunities as the first step in a transformational growth strategy.


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