Case Study: How AARP Turned Market Insight into a $43 Million Revenue Stream

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AARP, the world’s largest membership organization, has built a legacy of success through its robust non-dues revenue programs. These programs connect their vast membership base with valuable discounts and services from trusted partners, providing significant benefits to AARP members and participating companies. However, even the most established organizations recognize the need to continually explore new avenues for growth.

AARP, ever forward-thinking, identified a unique opportunity to leverage its decades of experience and unparalleled insights into the 50+ consumer market. This demographic segment represents a powerful force in the global economy, with specific needs and preferences often overlooked by traditional marketing strategies. AARP understood the immense potential of translating their knowledge into a valuable service offering. Still, they needed a strategic roadmap to navigate this uncharted territory and expand their non-dues revenue model beyond the existing affinity program structure.

Missed Connections: The Challenge of Marketing to a Diverse Audience

Marketing to the 50+ demographic is a nuanced dance, often misunderstood by traditional marketing approaches. Gone are the days of broad generalizations and one-size-fits-all campaigns. The 50+ population is a vast and diverse group, encompassing individuals with a wide range of interests, needs, and technological fluency.

Traditional marketing tactics that rely on outdated stereotypes, like portraying seniors as frail or out of touch with technology, not only fail to resonate but can be downright offensive to this active and engaged demographic. Businesses that struggle to understand these unique needs and preferences often miss the mark with their marketing messages, failing to connect with this valuable and influential consumer market segment.

AARP: A Wealth of Knowledge on the 50+ Population

Boasting a membership base exceeding 38 million, AARP has become a goldmine of insights into the 50+ demographic. Their research extends far beyond simple demographics. They delve into the psychographics, analyzing this age group’s personality traits, values, and lifestyles. AARP also meticulously tracks behavioral patterns, understanding how the 50+ population consumes information, makes purchasing decisions, and engages with brands. This deep understanding of evolving needs and preferences provides AARP with invaluable knowledge for crafting highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Building a Powerful Partnership: AARP and Sequence Consulting Launch Influent50

Non-Dues Revenue

Recognizing the opportunity to unlock the power of their knowledge, AARP partnered with Sequence Consulting, a trusted advisor with a proven track record in developing successful not-for-profit startups and service-oriented businesses. Together, they embarked on a collaborative journey to create Influent50, a revolutionary marketing agency unlike any other.


The journey began with a well-crafted business plan and a roadmap that outlined Influent50’s vision and strategies for achieving its goals. A critical element in this plan was the partnership with Sequence. With its proven track record in guiding successful startups and service-oriented businesses, Sequence provided invaluable expertise throughout the process. Their strategic planning and team-building capabilities were instrumental in launching Influent50 and ensuring its rapid ascent.

Influent50's Dream Team for the 50+ Market

Influent50’s launch wasn’t just about a groundbreaking idea; it was about assembling the perfect team to execute the vision. Sequence and AARP brought together a powerhouse of data scientists, strategists, and creative professionals, each with a deep understanding of the 50+ demographic. The data scientists wielded the power of AARP’s extensive research, leveraging it to identify key consumer trends and preferences within the 50+ age group. Strategists, armed with these insights, crafted targeted marketing campaigns that resonated with the specific needs and aspirations of this audience. Finally, creative professionals translated the data and strategy into compelling messaging and visuals that cut through the noise and truly connected with the 50+ demographic.

This unique combination of expertise quickly set Influent50 apart. Major corporations like Citibank, New York Life, and Hartford, all recognized the immense potential of the 50+ market segment. They saw Influent50 as the key to unlocking this lucrative opportunity, a bridge between their brand and a demographic often misunderstood by traditional marketing tactics. With Influent50’s guidance, these corporations could develop and market products that truly resonated with the 50+ population, ensuring successful engagement and a thriving customer base.

From Startup to Success: Influent50's Rapid Rise

The results of Influent50’s innovative approach were nothing short of phenomenal. Within a mere three years, the fledgling startup had transformed into a thriving business, generating a remarkable $47 million in non-dues revenue for AARP. This achievement wasn’t just a financial success but a significant strategic shift for AARP. Influent50 successfully diversified its non-dues revenue streams, moving beyond the traditional affinity model and establishing a lucrative B2B service offering. This boosted AARP’s overall financial performance and solidified their position as a leader in understanding and engaging with the 50+ demographic.

The success story of Influent50 transcended geographical boundaries. News of their expertise in cracking the 50+ market spread rapidly, garnering global interest from corporations worldwide. Companies in Asia and South America, recognizing the immense potential of this demographic segment, were eager to replicate the model. Influent50’s ability to bridge the gap between businesses and the 50+ population through targeted marketing strategies became a blueprint for success on a global scale. This international recognition further cemented Influent50’s position as a marketing game-changer.

Takeaways for Non-Dues Revenue Growth

AARP’s experience with Influent50 is a powerful case study for the transformative potential of innovation. By embracing a fresh approach and venturing beyond its traditional business model, AARP unlocked a significant new revenue non-dues revenue stream. This success story highlights the importance of fostering a culture of innovation within an organization, allowing creativity to flourish and propel growth.

The collaboration between AARP and Sequence Consulting demonstrates the power of partnering with a trusted advisor. Sequence’s experience and guidance helped AARP navigate the complexities of establishing a new venture and translate its strategic vision into a financial reality. This case study offers valuable insights for organizations of all sizes, showcasing how innovative thinking, meticulous planning, and strategic partnerships can pave the way for significant growth and success.

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