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Growth Advisors to Successful Associations for Over Twenty Years

Clients tell us we are down-to-earth, collaborative, and we listen. They say we are easy to work with, friendly, and even fun. Expert and likable at the same time. What means the most is that they trust us.

Which is one reason our client relationships last for years and sometimes decades. Our very first client is still our client — twenty-one years later.

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Nonprofit Consulting Experience

Incomparable Nonprofit Experience

Ten of the twenty largest associations are Sequence clients.

As one of the top nonprofit consulting firms, we serve clients worldwide, from the US to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and Brazil. We work with growth-focused professional and trade associations of all sizes, including many of the largest and most successful membership organizations.

Global 500 companies also seek us out for our membership expertise.

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Client Success Stories

Growth was flat. Young physicians were not joining. AMA spent more and more on marketing with less and less to show for it. Many physicians viewed them unfavorably. Start-up competitors were making serious inroads.

How We Helped The Executive's Club of Chicago Double Their Membership The Executives' Club of Chicago had to urgently revitalize its membership. One of America's top business forums, their value proposition had changed very little in over 100 years, and their…

SAE International makes its mission to serve the entire industry, automotive, aerospace, and off-road. They sought to make a much larger impact on the industry as a whole than they did as a membership organization.

How We Helped The American Lung Association Double Their Subscriber Base The American Lung Association had a subscriber base problem. Over time, more and more donors had disengaged with ALA, to the point that 75% of their donor file had not…

A New Strategy Helped American Psychological Association Grow By 25% The American Psychological Association had to make a significant strategic shift -- and get the membership aligned behind it. But, of course, that was easier said than done. APA’s 146,000…

AARP had looked for new revenue sources without real success. How could they use all of their unique assets to do something the market really needed? What is the right model for that? How can we make it successful?


Nonprofit Consulting Services

Consulting Services For Association Growth


proven process for membership growth

Our Four Steps to Association Growth

Our experience with the most successful associations has perfected our formula for membership growth.

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Uniquely powerful data analytics, member and non-member research, competitive intelligence, and thought leadership.

Strategic Planning Consultants
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A proprietary, collaborative approach to segmentation, value proposition, business and membership modeling, and strategy development. 

Strategic Planning Consultants
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Execution Roadmap

A practical, step-by-step plan that brings your systems, internal communications, marketing, and member experience together in one tightly synchronized roadmap.

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Enterprise - Management Consulting

Expert Advisory

Expert guidance and advice to deploy leading-edge strategy and technology and create positive organizational change.

Our Client Promise

What You Can Expect From Us

We have worked almost exclusively with associations for the last twenty years, including some of the largest organizations in the world. Each of them had unique growth challenges, and we helped all of them succeed.

Global 500 companies have also sought us out for our membership, recruitment, and retention expertise.

No other nonprofit consulting firm can bring that kind of experience to a relationship with you.

Our clients tell us that one of the things they value most is our ability to be their thought partner. To understand their challenges and create space for them to think and create.

We personally invest in our clients and their success. Our clients say so themselves.

That is why some of our relationships go back more than two decades, as we continue to help our clients succeed throughout their careers.

 Every client is different and wants the exact right solution for them. That is what we deliver.

Clients tell us our nonprofit consulting services  are innovative, creative, and original and that we help them find the perfect path through even the most daunting problems.

We have mastered best practices and benchmarks. Our real value is making them work for you.

Our work stands apart for its clear thinking and confident direction. Clients hire us to cut through complexity. They need practical solutions that are easy to understand and that they can execute. 

Our clients get full buy-in on our nonprofit consulting recommendations and execute them confidently.

We don’t just deliver presentations –what some clients call “shelfware.” Instead, we help our clients achieve tangible and measurable results, working within their unique culture and with their limited resources. 

Our measure of success is that our clients implement our recommendations and that those recommendations get results.  

Clients tell us they use our work, delivering excellent results for years to come. 

Are We the Right Nonprofit Consulting Firm For You?

We are right for you if:

Your goal is impactful change

You want innovative Solutions Tailored For You

You want thought partners to Collaborate with you

You need strategic thinkers that see the Big picture

You want to be a change agent

We might not be right you if:

Your Goal is incremental change

You want off-the-shelf solutions

you want a vendor to execute your strategy for you

You need tactical planners focused on Tasks

You do things the way They've always been done


Our Nonprofit Consulting Experts

We left our careers as senior partners in a Big Strategy firm to bring better consulting to membership organizations. We believe associations change the world, and by making them better, we make the world a better place. We launched Sequence in 2001,  focused exclusively on associations and nonprofit consulting services. We have never looked back.

Chris was a high-level strategy, technology, and marketing consultant to Global 1000 companies in our former lives. For over a decade, he helped clients like Microsoft, Novell, American Airlines, and many others worldwide innovate and grow.

Lisa was a senior executive, working with CEOs and Boards on growth strategy, organizational change, and corporate development. She worked on over forty mergers and acquisitions and helped grow a mid-size private firm into a publicly-traded company with 10,000 employees in thirty countries.

We believe in the work nonprofits do, so we both serve as Board and Committee Chairs for several nonprofit organizations.

Our vision is a world where all associations grow, thrive, and excel at serving their missions.

Our Mission

To help associations grow membership and revenue

Our Vision

A world where all associations grow, thrive, and excel at serving their mission


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