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Nonprofit Strategic Planning Consultants

We are nonprofit strategic planning consultants that can provide your association or nonprofit organization with a plan that has buy-in and drives real progress. At Sequence Consulting, we are masters of the membership model. We have been helping association executives build thriving memberships, new revenue streams, and drive transformational change for 20 years. No other firm can claim our depth of focus and experience in this space. One association CEO told us, “We feel like we are sailing into the wind. The market is shifting all around us.” In our work with leading membership organizations, we hear this again and again. The market forces that made for smooth sailing for so many years are turning every day. Consumers expect more. The data economy pervades everything. The affinity market is losing ground quickly. And much more. We have seen some organizations thrive in the new environment while others struggle to survive. What separates the leaders from the laggards? What can you as a leader do about it? Through extensive research and in-depth conversations with executives at associations across the spectrum we have uncovered the most powerful market forces at work in your world today and the most successful strategies to fight the headwinds.

Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

If you are a leader who wants to take big steps forward, we can build a step-by-step roadmap to growth in your business, show you the best way to play where you have the right to win, and help you create new revenue streams from assets you already have. Our “Way to Play” strategic planning for nonprofit organizations consists of a framework that pinpoints the segments you serve and their unmet and/or underserved needs. We provide you with an objective assessment of your unique assets and capabilities so you can deliver the highest possible member value. We help you align your capabilities and assets in a “way to play” that gives you the Right to Win in the marketplace. Our process is highly collaborative. We seek to deeply engage stakeholders, staff and volunteer leaders in the ideation and prioritization process. We will implement a broadly inclusive approach that gives all of your constituents a voice and visibility into decision-making. This crucial step builds unmatched of levels of consensus and support between your team and your constituents alike. In our work as nonprofit strategic planning consultants, we apply planning based on principles. We will help you focus in on the guiding principles for strategic decision-making as a neutral and unbiased framework for making decisions. Our strategic planning for nonprofits organizations is grounded in a scenario-based approach, presenting you with multiple, very different options for consideration. We can help you expose the full range of assumptions and implications across the entire range of possible choices and guide you to make the right one. Together, we will define your priorities and the metrics you want to measure. We will work on alignment across your business units to make sure everything ladders up to your organizational priorities.


We are personally committed to our clients’ success and are deeply passionate about earning and preserving our clients’ trust. If you are a transformational leader, creative thinker, or problem solver invested in driving sustainable change for the future of your organization, we are a great fit for you. With our individualized approach, we will help you achieve your desired future state. We firmly believe in growth through innovation. We will help you turn data into value, giving you a step-by-step roadmap for membership and revenue growth. Through shifting your data, digital, and growth strategies, we can show you the best way to play where you have the right to win.

Nonprofit Communications Strategy

Our nonprofit communications strategy brings this process to life internally and externally.  In our extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations and associations alike, we have observed that while your team crafts the basis of the strategic plan, other staff, members, volunteers, and partners do the real work of moving the plan forward. We will help you most effectively communicate with your constituents to facilitate a seamless implementation of your strategic plan to set you up for success in your marketplace. Our expertise in effective nonprofit communications strategy allows us to give you actionable, skillful steps to make your message the most compelling to ensure responses from your constituents.


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