Business Model / Membership Model

Business Model / Membership Model

Is Your Nonprofit Business Model Working For or Against You?

When you think about your association structure, are you confident it is working in your favor? That’s a question that every nonprofit business model must answer multiple times throughout its existence. As old models are dying and buying habits are changing, the old membership models are not. Fortunately, right now is the perfect time to rethink your business model. There is a greater opportunity to become more inclusive, expand your reach, and restructure dues while making joining your membership painless. Renewal shouldn’t be a chore for your members, either.

At Sequence Consulting, we are at the forefront of big thinking and bold innovations that help our clients unlock the incredible potential to drive growth like never before.

John Hancock Structure Business Model

How We Help Your Organization Make Intentional Change

Whether you’re looking to create a nonprofit business model that works for a restructure or you want to build a membership model that makes your organization irresistible to the right people, we can help. So, how do we do it?

It all starts by identifying how your association or organization operates. Is it inward - facing? If so, that could present serious problems. To help you with this identification process, we start by asking you what the three most important things are that your organization could do for the future.

If your answer is process, organizational, or cultural change - related, then you might just be too inwardly focused. Another way you can determine this is by looking at the data that your team brings to meetings. If it tends to be data - based about performance, they, too, are inwardly focused.

The goal of improving your nonprofit business model is to identify how you can help your customers, not strengthen the core of your team.

Reducing the Weight of Failure

Nonprofit organizational structure development is often risk - averse. Unfortunately, the only way to grow is to take risks. By incentivizing your team to experiment at lower costs in both time and money, there is an opportunity to see significant growth.

Shifting Focus to Discovery Instead of Prediction

Another way to build a membership model that supports long - term growth is to shift your focus from prediction to discovery. Failing can be an exciting way to learn. It also provides a greater opportunity to pivot to new concepts. When overwhelming change is facing your nonprofit — as it has for so many during this time — you can treat it as a way to grow. Change your perspective from being a bootstrapped nonprofit to a lean startup and watch as your team develops innovative ways to build profitable membership models. That’s what we help your organization do.

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