The Challenge

Building Healthcare Loyalty Through Patient-Centric CRM

One of the nations leading health systems had grown aggressively through acquisition but knew continued success meant living their values: delivering the best care experience, designed for each patient. On the one hand, the systems had not been built with the patient experience in mind. On the other, typical  CRM “software first” solutions would never live up to their vision of a system that would enable interaction with each patient on their own terms, anticipate individual needs, and relate to them as humans first, strengthening loyalty as a centralized information hub accessible throughout the entire organization.


To help them craft a strategy that would really drive this vision, they turned to Sequence Consulting for our expertise in creating transformational marketing platforms.


The Solution

Build a Team of Change Agents Focused on Customers and Outcomes

The team was selected from across the system for their organizational influence and customer focus and included physicians, nurses, an administrator, supported by marketing and technology experts. Our methodology took the team through a series of structured workshops that visualized, in detail, the “moments that matter” for patients and then synthesized the very different perspectives of the team into a unified vision of what CRM should do for patients, what would be required of the organization (and not just the technology), and what the outcomes should be on patient satisfaction and loyalty.


The Results

An Industry-Leading Vision for Patient Relationships

The result was a groundbreaking strategy to deliver a personalized care experience in a truly integrated way, across communications, engagement, clinical research and analysis, and patient navigation. The shared organizational goal is to deliver care in a new and better way as a system, supported by more integrated data and technology. The functional blueprint and roadmap the team developed allowed them to select technology solutions far more wisely and in a way that allowed their strategy to drive the software (and not the other way around).

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