The Challenge

Transform Brand Membership Marketing

Our client’s new member acquisition efforts had been in steady decline. Overcommunication had resulted in audience fatigue. Incremental efforts to improve existing communications showed diminishing returns, at best.  A major rebranding and brand awareness campaign yielded no new members and failed to move the needle on brand perceptions. Bold new thinking was required.

The Solution

Our insight into the client’s own research was that while 40% of their audience was neutral about them, they also had no idea what they did. When they heard the story about the great work the organization was doing, they were open and even eager to join. We dubbed the resulting campaign concept the “Twenty Minute Campaign,” on the premise that twenty minutes was all it would take to sell a prospect on joining the organization. We created three dozen creative “proof points” which were concise, hard-hitting messages that drove home how much there was to like about the work the organization as doing.

The Result

The resulting campaign has been widely hailed as one of the most successful efforts the organization has ever created, winning a total of five MarCom Awards (an international creative competition for marketing and communication professionals), and has been enthusiastically embraced by governance and across the association.

It appears in market as a multi-channel marketing campaign, largely driven by data-driven digital and social, supported by a range of experiences that invite and reward membership.

The results for the business have been truly transformational:

  • Three Platinum (the top honor), and two Gold MarCom Awards
  • New member acquisition has increased by 39% month-over-month
  • The cost to acquire a member dropped from $351 to $201 (more than 40%)
  • Email open rates increased by 33%
  • Click-through to member join improved 8X
  • Engagement with products and services jumped by 35%

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