The Challengedrive-real-results

Our client, a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization, has helped people improve the quality of their lives for over fifty years. With local offices in all fifty states and two US territories, a robust volunteer network and millions of members, our client has built one of the nation’s largest databases of information on specific segments of the population, but lacked an enterprise strategy to effectively capitalize on what they had accumulated. With data, infrastructure, and management as diverse as its initiatives, our client needed help integrating its systems to unleash the power of Big Data.

The Solution

We directed a high-profile initiative to define how our client could leverage the power of Big Data, and led a cross-functional team to develop the strategy. Utilizing our proprietary “Frame / Design / Decide / Commit” process to our client’s unique culture, we developed a data-driven “Way to Play” and “Big Data” strategic roadmap that built enthusiasm and acceptance for a clear path forward.

The Result

  • Increased member engagement through specialized experiences at every touch point
  • Internal prioritization of user-focused and data-driven decisions
  • New revenue streams based on our client’s unique data and expertise