The Challengeip-into-revenue

Our client, a leading membership organization, has been the voice for many Americans for over 60 years. During this time, they have amassed unparalleled data, research, and insight into their members’ needs as well as how to communicate with them effectively. Faced with the urgent need to diversify revenue in the face of a stagnating membership model, our client asked Sequence to help them develop strategies to monetize their data assets in ways that would support their mission financially and in the marketplace.

The Solution

Our client’s data and marketing expertise fills an unmet need in the market. Namely, how to develop and market products and services that meet the needs of older consumers. Sequence developed a business plan to launch a B2B consultancy and marketing services agency which validated the opportunity to build a potential $30 million services business. The concept was approved by their Board and the business launched in 2014 under a sub-brand.

Upon approval, Sequence built and managed the agency launch plan, providing strategic guidance and operational expertise. To rapidly build scale and capabilities, Sequence is currently leading an effort to screen, select, and, ultimately, acquire and integrate a successful marketing agency into the business model.

The Result

  • The B2B consultancy and marketing services agency – the first business of its kind in the industry – officially launched in Q1 2014.
  • Sequence supported launch efforts by developing and managing the launch plan, creating the processes and tools needed by staff, and supporting HR efforts.
  • Sequence is leading the process of selecting, acquiring, and integrating an independent agency to build scale and accelerate growth.