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Reasons Why Your Members May Not Be Renewing

Improve Your Membership Retention Rates

Are you struggling with membership retention? You’re far from alone, if so. According to a survey done in 2017, less than half of all non-profit donors decided to donate again. Losing donors and members makes your job as a nonprofit far more difficult. To retain membership, you have to develop creative ways to motivate donors to stay loyal and continue to take action. Perhaps the most important action you can take, however, is to dig in and figure out what is causing your member retention to plummet.

From our research and over 20 years of experience in the industry, the number one reason we find that membership retention flatlines is a lack of value. Of course, value is typically defined by your audience. What one demographic finds valuable another may not. The job of your organization, or any consultant you work with, is to determine a valuable solution that can prompt action. As a consultancy, we work with your nonprofit to determine the best path forward. Here are a few ways we do that.

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How Your Organization Can Deliver Value

The good news is, there are just as many ways to create value as there are opinions on what is valuable. Today, delivering value has never been easier, which is why a drop off in retaining members can spell very bad news for any organization.

Yet, for organizations who can see and seize these opportunities the sky is truly the limit. An increase in donors and members is almost certain if you take active steps to produce the value that people expect.

While traditional offerings include in - person events, discounts, and similar value - based solutions, the game has changed. Human connection and a sense of purpose are the new value for both members and the people who offer their time to your organization.

Creating that value requires you to understand how to generate purpose and value through human connection. Not surprisingly, many organizations look to companies like us to help create this value and increase membership retention.

We Help You Create A New Model That Works

Membership retention requires more than traditional member retention strategies . It requires subscription - like models that deliver real results for any organization that uses them. Today’s consumers are familiar with subscription - style membership dues. At Sequence Consulting, we’ll explore how you can implement this strategy to retain members and whether or not it is right for you.

Why You Should Consider Making The Switch

Time and again, organizations that make the right pivots at the right times see their member retention rates skyrocket. If your organization could use any percentage of increase in retention rates, then it could be time to consider making a change to your retention strategy.

In our experience, these critical changes can be made with little to no additional investment or product development requirements.

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