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It has been a dramatic impact. Transformative. Our rate of growth doubled. The Sequence has been critical in achieving the turnaround we have made in two years. We never could have done it without them.

Todd UngerChief Experience Officer, American Medical Association

The Problem

Membership growth stagnated for years. The medical profession was growing. The American Medical Association (AMA ) was not.

Growth was flat. Young physicians were not joining. AMA spent more and more on marketing with less and less to show for it. Many physicians viewed them unfavorably. Start-up competitors were making serious inroads. Most physicians had no idea what the AMA did. The old ways were not working.

AMA chose Sequence in an RFP over firms like Bain and Booz Allen because of our record of success with membership marketing, our ability to adapt to their unique needs, and our personal approach to the relationship.


Our Approach

It was a many-sided problem. It called for a comprehensive solution.

  • We redesigned the member journey to deliver value and a rewarding experience.
  • We rethought the dues structure for residents and young physicians to fix the “cliff” in early career membership.
  • We re-engineered their discounts and insurance programs to deliver high member value and drive membership.
  • We built a new Group Membership program for large health systems with an offer they could not refuse.
  • We repositioned the Membership Brand to be all about physicians: “AMA is the Physicians’ Powerful Ally in Patient Care.”
  • We launched a bold new membership campaign, “Members Move Medicine”. Entirely digital, it makes real-life physicians the hero of the story and AMA their ally in changing the world.

We chose this solution for AMA to solve the root cause of the problem – physicians did not see the value in membership and did not think AMA stood for them. Once physicians heard the story, they joined. We helped AMA tell the right story in the right way to turn things around.

Our specialized expertise and experience with many other associations in similar situations let us to see the problems immediately and offer solutions we knew would work because we made them work before. Our ability to work across the business – strategy, marketing, data, and member experience – let us bring everyone together around a single direction that worked.


The Result

The results exceeded even AMA’s most aggressive membership goals. AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD declared at the national convention that the new membership campaign was “the best thing AMA has ever done.”

Among AMA’s many successes are that:

  • Member growth increased from less than 1% to 3.5% in one year.
  • New member acquisition leapt by 39% month-over-month
  • Young physician memberships jumped by 15%
  • The cost to acquire a new member dropped by more than 40%
  • Over 30,000 new members enrolled through group memberships in the first year alone
  • The Members Move Medicine campaign won multiple First Place marketing awards

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